Every product our company creates begins with the process of looking at the market and analyzing which problems need to be solved.

Upon knowing what the problem is, we can devise a way to create a profitable solution. We take pride in developing products that serve a need, meet a demand, and solve a problem.



With the problem being laid out at this point, our company applies creativity to generate unique solutions. Our team is constantly developing new products, improving efficiency in the marketplace, and innovating technology to answer the call. With a large product development lab, we can develop products in as little as a one week. Having 3 teams, in 3 time zones, our development projects never leave the grindstone.



From a large group of engineers, industrial designers, graphic designers and people who are willing to push boundaries. Coupled with large-scale manufacturing partners that can make our products reality, our company will grow to become an industry powerhouse.






MED/MAR Canada was derived from the abbreviation of Medical Marijuana Canada. In our view, every top business and every great industry was at one time, just an idea in the mind of a passionate entrepreneur. We come from humble roots, first fulfilling orders for privately labeled products sold to a number of Licensed Producers. Soon after the orders began, we started focusing on proprietary product development. Within 18 months of organic growth, we bootstrapped our first product. The Kube by Krush Grinders is a medical grade grinder, for a medical grade industry. From that initial point on, our company has continuously evolved. From gum that makes your mouth water to low-cost medical vaporizers, to machinery that will revolutionize the cannabis industry. MED/MAR Canada is a technological innovation company that currently comprises of 19 Engineers working on projects in 3 different time zones - 24/7 development. 


MED/MAR Canada will become a leader in innovation in the cannabis industry and for markets around the world. Our company has been closely monitoring, researching and evaluating the needs of the global marketplace. The products and technology being developed through our numerous projects all come out of necessity within the cannabis industry. We listen to clients, consumers, and our advisors to find out where the market gaps exist, then develop products to fill them. Our aspiration is to work with our partners to build brands that have the capability to become world renown products that represent quality and innovation. 


At MED/MAR Canada, we employ state of the art technology while utilizing a large network of protocols and SOPs to fulfill our customer demands. From the latest design software, production machinery, and prototyping tools with a combined value of over $1,000,000.00. Our outfit consists of 19 engineers, in 12 manufacturing facilities, across 4 times zones located in 4 countries. We also have 2 product development centers, 1 located in Toronto, Canada and the other in Shanghai, China. 


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